Toys 9 Year Old Boys

toys for 9 year old boysAre you trying to find toys for 9 year old boys?


Whether you’re preparing for the holiday season or a special occasion, there are many little boys who are anxiously awaiting certain gifts from their parents, a relative or Santa.


At this current point, you may feel that you still have plenty of time to do your holiday shopping, however, it’s never too early to get a head start.


Young boys can be difficult to buy toys for, as they are reaching an age where they want to start to be more grown up while still enjoying the simple pleasures of many toys that are made for a younger audience.


At this age, they often enjoy toys that tap into their creativity, so you should look for something that provides somewhat of a challenge while keeping them entertained whenever they play with it.


They are at a point in life when they want to be rewarded for figuring something out, but they want to know that it isn’t just something that any little kid could accomplish.


There are many toys out there that check all of those boxes, but we find that the following 12 toys are excellent gifts for 9 year old boys.


Top 12 Toys For Young Boys


1. Lego Minecraft The Zombie Cave Building Kit with Popular Minecraft Characters

Lego Minecraft The Zombie Cave Building Kit with Popular Minecraft Characters

Minecraft is quite the cultural phenomenon among young boys, and when combined with LEGO, you have a winning duo.


This zombie cave comes with coal, redstone, gold, and diamond ore elements, allowing any boy to emulate the video game while building something on his own.


They can follow the directions to build it as it shows on the box, or they can use their imagination to make their own cave. This is also compatible with other LEGO sets, so your boy can build an entire empire if he so desires!


Any fan of Minecraft will be thrilled to put this set together, especially considering that it includes Steve and Zombie figures for additional entertainment.


LEGO may be a timeless classic, but it’s always ahead of the curve with its sets, and this Minecraft set brings a modern twist to beloved toy!


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2. Elite Sportz Equipment Family Games for Kids and Adults

Elite Sportz Equipment Family Games for Kids and Adults

If you’ve ever watched full-sized curling, you know just how exciting it can be. Now, you can have all of that excitement without needing any ice or an entire room to enjoy the sport!


This tabletop curling game provides hours of entertainment for the family and makes an excellent gift for any 9 year old who is interested in the sport.


The Elite Sportz tabletop curling game is easy to set up and consists of high-quality stones that perfectly emulate the weight and movement of actual curling stones.


There are ball bearings inside the stones that allow them to roll smoothly and quickly on the slippery surface. It truly feels like you are playing a professional curling game at a smaller level.


The curling surface can be rolled up, so it fits nicely in any travel bag and won’t take up too much space, no matter where you’re heading. This is a compact, portable, and delightfully entertaining gift for any child.


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3. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Fun Robot Building Set

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Fun Robot Building Set

Boys have always been enamored with robots, and this LEGO set lets any boy build his favorite one.


This is an award-winning STEM toy that teaches technical skills while providing hours of entertainment and allowing for much creativity.


It comes with 847 pieces that can be arranged and re-arranged into 5 different modes. If you have a son that is interested in science and technology, this toy is a must-have!


Because of its 5 multi-functional modes, your child won’t tire of this amazing toy! It is compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows 10 devices, giving it even more functionality that will give non-stop fun to your child.


It’s even compatible with other LEGO sets, so this is a toy that just doesn’t give up. Nobody could get sick of this little robot!


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4. HisHeryToy Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro and LED Lights

HisHeryToy Remote Control Helicopter with Gyro and LED Lights

Who doesn’t love a flying toy, especially a remote-control helicopter? This RC chopper is tough, quick, and entertaining!


Thanks to its composite air frame and tall rotor, this little guy can survive any crash and land on whatever terrain you send it to!


This toy helicopter has the newest gyroscope technology, so it is easier to fly than other RC choppers, and even younger boys can learn how to use it.


There are 6 flight modes, including up, down, left, right, forwards, and backwards. The remote control is simple to understand and acts intuitively, allowing any young boy to have hours of fun with this.


With a quick charge of only 30 minutes, you can get 8 minutes of flight time. A full charge will provide even more than that, making this one of the most efficient RC helicopters available.


It’s always a blast to pilot something that can fly in the air, so this makes for a fantastic gift for young children.


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5. HISTOYE Large Laser Tag Set with Gun and Vest

HISTOYE Large Laser Tag Set with Gun and Vest

Laser tag is a timeless game that is fun for both children and adults! This laser tag set uses the newest technology to ensure accurate firing and long-lasting batteries, as well as utmost safety.


It’s been approved by US Labs, so you know that you are getting a quality product when you purchase this toy. The lasers emit less than 1mW, so your child’s eyes will remain unharmed during any game of laser tag.


 Your boys can spend hours chasing each other around and choosing from single shot, machine gun, rocket, and shotgun settings that all include different light and sound effects.


The easy-to-adjust vests will fit boys of any size, and they provide a true laser tag experience with their strong vibrations.


With the ability to have up to four different teams, this is a laser tag set that will satisfy even the largest groups of friends. It’s great outdoors but can also be used indoors during the winter months!


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6. US Sense 6 Pack LED Foam Finger Rockets Slingshot

US Sense 6 Pack LED Foam Finger Rockets Slingshot

Every young boy gets interested in slingshots at some time, and these finger rockets do a great job of satisfying that need. Every pack comes with 6 finger rockets that are made of foam and rubber.


There is a small button on each rocket that allows you to activate or deactivate the LED light, making this an excellent toy for daytime or nighttime. In fact, the LED light can last up to 72 hours non-stop!


There are many games you can play with these finger rockets, including darts, and the hours of fun are more than enough for any young group of boys.


They are light and easily portable, so you can bring them to the park, the beach, or Grandma’s house and have the time of your life as your imagination allows you to come up with more and more games.


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7. UWANTME Electronic Shooting Target

UWANTME Electronic Shooting Target

This electronic shooting target has a bunch of perks that will make for a highly entertaining playtime for any boy with a nerf gun!


There is a total of 4 targets that can be shot, as well as 3 LCD screens that show rounds, scores, and countdowns.


It is incredibly easy to use and will provide for hours upon hours of entertainment for any boy that enjoys shooting targets.


 Whether your boy wants to play on his own or invite his friends over to enjoy this product, he’ll have the option. Solo mode lets you practice so that you can hone your skills and understand the game better.


Multi-mode allows 2 players to take their shots and have a friendly competition, and it’s very easy to switch between the modes. This is really a great gift for any boy who has shown an interest in target practice.


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8. Mini Drone Flying Toy RC Drones for Kids or Adults

Mini Drone Flying Toy RC Drones for Kids or Adults

Drones have become all the rage, and kids are really starting to become interested in them. This Mini Drone is an awesome toy for a kid or adult, with its hands-free operation and easy indoor/outdoor flying ball.


The infrared sensor helps it to avoid collisions, and it can be easily taught to children of any age. It’s covered by a safety shell that keeps it intact and flying strongly day after day.


Altitude hold allows anybody to keep the drone at a steady height, letting you move it by hand or catch, whether you want it to keep flying or bring it back for final assembly.


It comes with a USB charging cable, which is easy to use, and gives up to 14 minutes of flight time with a quick charge.


Any child that has shown interest in drones will truly be enamored by this awesome little piece of technology!


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9. Remote Control Boats for Pools and Lakes

Remote Control Boats for Pools and Lakes

Being able to control a boat is always exciting, especially with these remote-control boats that boast speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour!


The signal reaches up to 100 meters, so you can control this boat in very large ponds and streams. Running on a 2.4 GHz frequency, you aren’t likely to experience much interference, so you’ll enjoy a smooth ride from start to end.


This boat is of course waterproof, but the features don’t end there. The high-quality sealing job will ensure that no water gets into the mechanisms, so this boat will run smoothly for a very long time!


Because it comes with two rechargeable battery packs, you can enjoy continual cruising, charging one while the other is in use.


They are USB chargers, so they are easy to use and compatible with many different cables.


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10. 1:10 Scale Large RC Cars – Boys Remote-Control Off-Road Monster Truck

1:10 Scale Large RC Cars – Boys Remote-Control Off-Road Monster Truck

Monster trucks are always exciting, and this remote-control off-road truck is sure to delight a young boy in your family!


With rechargeable batteries and a double battery connector, there won’t be any loss of fun due to using too much energy!


This high-speed monster truck has wheels that can conquer any terrain and reaches speeds of up to 30 miles per hour! If you’ve ever watched a monster truck rally, this will easily pique your interest as you control it.


There is actual oil in the metal shocks, providing this four-wheel-drive machine with plenty of reliability and flexibility.


Whether you want to drive it up dunes or through muddy fields, you’ll have enough power to get the job done. With its easy-to-use remote, this is an RC machine that is fit for any boy who love trucks!


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11. Osmo – Genius Starter Kit for iPad

Osmo - Genius Starter Kit for iPad (NEW VERSION) - Ages 6-10 - (Osmo Base Included)
For the young boy that loves STEM learning, this is truly a masterpiece. There are interactive games that have a tactical, real feel while being compatible with the technology behind an iPad.


With levels ranging from beginner to expert, any level of genius can gain some useful skills and learn a lot with these games.


You’re even able to track progress and create separate profiles for different children as well as parents. From shapes and designs to arithmetic, this gaming set truly has everything you need from an education and entertainment standpoint.


It comes with tangram pieces, word tiles, number tiles, and 5 games to create an immersive learning experience for any child.


Osmo also includes a 90-day warranty, and requires an iPad to play, which isn’t included, but it is compatible with many different types!


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12. LEGO Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery Building Kit

LEGO Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery Building Kit

This spooky LEGO set comes with augmented reality compatibility to give your kids a real thrill! Kids can create their own graveyard while using augmented reality applications to further enhance their experience.


Not only are the real LEGOs perfectly functional and open to imagination, but the VR toy can provide even more excitement as kids find themselves building everything they need.


It is compatible with other sets, meaning that kids can use their creativity to make stunning scenery and give themselves hours of entertainment.


It is compatible with iOS and Android devices, so whether you have a phone or tablet, you’ll be able to experience the augmented reality adventures that are included in the set!


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  1. I love the lego zombie kit! It looks like so much fun, I think I would like to play with it too, lol. I can imagine how much fun it can be to play with the lego zombies once the lego zombie cave is built.In general, Lego has some really cool things. The robot building set is another one I like a lot. I am a teacher and I can just imagine the kids in elementary school with those toys 😉 

    And, oh my God, the helicopter! You should have called your article, “toys for adults who still have a little kid inside themselves” 😉 I want it for myself. 

    But these would make great Christmas gifts, even for girls. I know a little girl who would love to have one of the Lego sets (besides me, lol) The Lego graveyard set is also a great gift for Halloween!

    • Hi Christine,

      I couldn’t agree more! And when I saw that helicopter I was thinking the same thing: “Maybe I should get this for myself…” haha I’m definitely a kid at heart. Anyway, I’m happy you enjoyed my post and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. What a terrific article for 9-year-old boys! My nephew is 10 and has some of these same toys.  I can verify that the remote control helicopter is a hit in my sister’s house!  It was actually my brother who bought if for our nephew, and he loves it!  I’m guessing it’s not just an age thing and that most boys enjoy the remote-controlled toys!  My son, who is almost 5, has about 6 remote controlled items and he loves them all the same!  

    I have gotten some great ideas from this post for both my 2 nephews and my own son.  With Christmas right around the corner, I feel more confident that I can get something for them they really enjoy.  Your reviews and the detail you’ve provided are great.  Thank you for doing all this research, well done!

    • Hi there,

      I’ve noticed the same thing with remote controlled toys! My nephew can’t get enough of them so you’re very right. And to be honest, I’ve been thinking about getting a helicopter or drone for myself 🙂 I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

  3. These are some nice toys! My son loves Legos, although I personally hate stepping on them when he drops them on the floor! I think I am going to go with the laser tag guns, because I can see him and his friends playing with them for hours! Plus it will get them out of the house and off of those video games! Thank you for this list, it’s full of great ideas! 

    • Hi Travis,

      Glad you enjoyed my post! The laser tag guns are definitely the right way to go, I don’t know of any young boy who wouldn’t want such a gift!

  4. It’s close to the holiday season and time to start thinking of gift ideas! I know my boys would love the RC car and the laser tag set! 

    The laser tag set really stands out. They love nerf and playing laser tag at the mall. I think I am def going to go with the laser tag set cause that would honestly be fun to play with them! I think I may be more excited for them to play with that gift than they would be! I know they would run around and play for hours with that!

    • Hi Wilson, 

      Yeah the laser tag set is quite popular. I loved playing laser tag growing up, it never got old to me. You basically feel like a spy on a secret mission and with young boys’ active imagination, this is probably just what they need!

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