Good Books 2 Year Olds

good books 2 year oldsAre you trying to find good books for 2 year olds?


If you have a busy little reader you want to keep entertained, the books in this list could be wonderful additions to your collection.


Studies show that reading to your child at this critical stage of development can have a profound impact on their future.


Children aged 1-3 who are read to regularly are less hyper active, and are provided with both academic and emotional benefits as they grow.


As your child grows and develops, their interests change in fascinating ways. Your two year old is no longer satisfied with high contrast books and pretty pictures.


They’re now ready for hilarious story lines and books about their current interests. If you’re looking for a book that will hook your two year old, here are our top 15 favorites.


Top 15 Best Books 2 Year Olds


1. Potty

Potty (Leslie Patricelli board books)

At two, your child is probably being introduced to the idea of toilet training. Potty training can be a scary experience.


This friendly book captures a baby deciding whether or not to go potty in the toilet. The baby looks at what animals do, and captures the struggle of going on the potty.


When the baby is successful, he celebrates with his parents and switches to underwear.


The cute pictures and simple wording are easy for your toddler to understand, and the story helps introduce your child to the idea of going potty on the toilet in a safe way. All in all, it’s a perfect choice for kids who are entering the potty training phase.


Many parents who review this book say that while they felt the dialogue was too simple, the book inspired their children to try out the potty anyway.


Perhaps the author is a potty training genius, or perhaps the book makes going on the potty so fun, any two year old would want to try it.

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2. Grumpy Monkey

Grumpy Monkey

As we all know, “the terrible twos” bring about certain fluctuations in mood with our beloved children.


As toddlers grow, they have very big emotions, but don’t always have the means to express those emotions. Grumpy Monkey talks about feeling grumpy, and helps kids understand what that feeling means.


It’s a great way to talk about feelings, and introduce your child to what to do when you get those feelings, without making a toddler feel guilty about it.


Learning to handle emotions is very important, and may impact their lives (and yours!) as they grow older.


This screamingly funny tale shares what it’s like to just wake up and feel grumpy one day, and the message reassures your kid that it’s okay to have these feelings sometimes.


You’ll love the simple but expressive drawings, and your child will love how fun and hilarious this story is.

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3. A Little Stuck

A Little Stuck

In this book, a young boy named Floyd has a problem. His kite is stuck in a tree! What does a little boy do when faced with such an insurmountable problem?


Throw everything, including an orangutan into the tree to knock it loose. As the things he tosses up get more and more ridiculous, you’ll find your little one eagerly turning the page to see what happens next.


Oliver Jeffers is the author of a number of popular books, including the #1 hit, “The Day The Crayons Quit,” Oliver Jeffers brings his humor and whimsical drawings back for another hilarious book.


Your child will love the repetition as Floyd throws more and more things up in the tree, and the sneaky surprises hidden here and there throughout the book.


This book is perfect if you have older children as well. Everyone from adults to children 5 and older enjoy this book just as much as your two year old will.

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4. You’re Two!

You're Two!

If you’re looking for the perfect book to give to a two year old on their birthday, why not a book that celebrates being two?


This cute board book shares many different instances of two in the world, such as two thumbs up and two arms for hugging.


Your child will gain an understanding of what “two” means all while enjoying a special book catered just to them.


Counting is a difficult concept for children to master, but this book helps introduce simple math in a fun way for your child.


You’ll love the learning and development your child will receive from this book, and your child will know just how special the number two is.


“You’re Two” is the perfect book for holidays, birthdays, and any time you want to celebrate the fabulous age of two with your two year old.

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5. Guess How Much I love You

Guess How Much I Love You

This heartwarming book captures the love parents feel for their children, and show it in a cute board book about a baby hare and his daddy.


As you go through the pages, you’ll find out how much Little Nutbrown Hare loves his dad, and how much his dad loves him back.


The book features repetition that makes it easy for your two year old to follow the storyline, and also will make it easier for them to read as they grow older.


This is a great book for reading aloud. You’ll enjoy the tender affection and cute pictures, and your child will love the steady rhythm and warm feelings shared through this book.


Guess How Much I Love You is perfect for birthday gifts, holidays, and any time you want to tell your special child, “Guess How Much I Love You.”

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6. One Fish, Two Fish

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish (I Can Read It All by Myself)

No list of books for two year olds would be complete without an addition from Dr. Seuss. One Fish, Two Fish is a silly book filled with simple words to expand your child’s vocabulary.


Your two year old will be introduced to several concepts. Counting, colors, opposites, and so much more fill the pages of this colorful and unique book.


As your child grows, this book can easily transfer from a book that taught them about colors and opposites, to a book they can read to you! The simple words and repetition make it an easy reader for children to practice on.


One Fish, Two Fish is a bright and colorful book with plenty of reading for you and your child to enjoy. If you’re looking for a fun book your two year old can grow into, this is the book for you.

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7. The Way I Feel

The Way I Feel

Another great book about feelings, this book deals with a more broad number of emotions besides feelings. At two years old, this is a big time for emotions, and being able to identify them is a critical step to avoiding melt downs.


Many of the tantrums caused by two year olds are often due to being unable to properly communicate what they are feeling at a specific time.


Books that talk about emotions can help your two year old learn how to identify feelings, ranging from happy to sad to mad.


The Way I Feel shows different emotions in an expressive way, and helps children understand that feelings aren’t necessarily bad to have—they just are.


Instead of feeling guilty over being angry, your two year old can learn that this is what the feeling they feel is, and how to deal with it.


A great book for parents and children to read together, it’s recommended by parents, teachers, and health professionals everywhere.

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8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This classic has been around for generations, and is as loved now as it was a decade ago.


If you remember sitting with your parents as you cracked open the colorful pages of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, know that your own child will enjoy it just as much.


In this story, your child can enjoy the colorful illustrations as a very hungry caterpillar eats his way through all the days of the week.


On the last day there is a surprise for your two year old! The very hungry caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly.


This 25 year anniversary addition has a shiny covery and thick, durable pages. No matter how rough your child can be, rest assured this book will stand up to the loving a two year old can give for years to come.

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9. Use Your Words, Sophie!

Use Your Words, Sophie

In this sweet book, author Rosemary Wells addresses issues very common with two year olds. Sophie, the lead character, knows how to talk, but she frequently chooses to be flexible in her language skills.


Sometimes she’ll use her words like her parents request, but just as often she’ll talk like a jelly fish. Then, Sophie becomes a big sister, and Sophie is the only one who can figure out what the baby wants.


Use Your Words, Sophie! Is targeted specifically at two year olds, with a character of the same age. It covers the drama of both being asked to talk when you really don’t want to, and also a new sibling.


It’s a perfect book for children who may well be going through the same thing. Even if they’re not, it’s still a fun book for everyone.

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10. Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering!

Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering! (Baby Loves Science)
Let’s face it. We all want our kids to be smarter than every other child, and we often watch early developmental milestones closely in the hopes they’ll happen early.


If you’re eager to expand your child’s horizons as early as possible, why not go big and start with Aerospace Engineering?


This book, part of a series of entertaining books on everything from quantum physics to rocket science, explains aerospace engineering in a way even a baby could understand.


Your child will enjoy the bright pictures, and you’ll love being able to brag that your two year old understands the concept of aerospace engineering. What could be better?


Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering comes in a sturdy, boardbook format so if your two year old gets a little too excited about the book, it will still hold together.

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11. A Pocket for Corduroy

A Pocket for Corduroy

You may be familiar with Corduroy from the popular children’s movie, or perhaps from reading about the timeless bear in your own childhood.


“A Pockey for Corduroy” shares every child’s dream of a special favorite stuffed animal coming to life. This book is the sequel to the original, and it tells about how Corduroy goes on an adventure at the laundromat.


This delightful book shares what a stuffed animal might see as they go through the wash. If your two year old has ever panicked about a stuffie going for a spa day in the washing machine, this book may help sooth their worries.


A fun book for parents and children alike, Corduroy has entertained millions of children in its long, 50 year history.


A truly timeless adventure, get this special book for your two year old, and relive the same memories you enjoyed of your parents reading to you.

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12. Dear Zoo: A Lift The Flap Book

Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book

As you probably know by now, your inquisitive two year old loves getting into things! This lift the flap book provides a number of flaps they can open, pull, and explore to see what’s hiding behind each exciting flap.


The story goes through a number of animals any two year old would love to have as a pet. These exciting animals run from giraffes to elephants, to lions.


None of these animals are quite right for a pet. (even though your two year old has probably asked for at least one of them as a pet by now)


At long last, behind the very last flap, the perfect pet is found. This fun little book is interactive, and perfect for busy hands and energetic kids who find it difficult to sit through long stories.

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13. The Monster at the End of This Book

The Monster at the End of This Book

A classic book that features lovable, furry old Grover from Sesame Street. The Monster at the End of This Book follows Grover as he begs and pleads with your child not to turn the page because there’s a monster at the end of the book!


A favorite story that has lasted through generations of families and children providing absolute enjoyment, this truly entertaining tale will have your little one begging to rush through the pages to get to the end and find out if there truly is a monster awaiting Grover.


The perfect book for any Sesame Street lover, this captivating story pulls you and your child all the way through to the end without losing their interest at all.

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14. Press Here

Press Here (Baby Board Book, Learning to Read Book, Toddler Board Book, Interactive Book for Kids)

A fun and magical journey that follows the adventure of a single yellow dot, Press Here allows your child to physically interact with the book over and over so their attention never wavers from the page in front of them.


A book that will fully entertain your little one from the first page all the way through to the last, this story begins on the first page with one yellow dot that, when pressed on the second page, becomes two yellow dots and so on.


An expedition that includes an array of different numbers, colors and patterns as the dots transform from one page on to the next.


Your child will need to press the dots, shake them, and even tilt the entire book to move them to where they need to be. A great way to help your child learn their colors, numbers, counting and more.

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15. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

A wonderful tale that has become a traditional addition to any little one’s at-home library. Brown Bear, Brown Bear is a well-known story that has been read, and enjoyed, through several generations of children and adults.


Beginning with the illustration of a fierce brown bear at the beginning, the words “Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?” accompany the bear and begin your child on a journey to determine what an array of animals can see, even the “animal” enjoying the book itself!


This extraordinary story continues with the bear asking what a red bird sees, the red bird asking what a duck sees and so on, pulling any child into the tale until it’s fully complete.


A bright and colorful book that helps your child learn their colors, even from a remarkably young age.

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Bonus Recommendations


16. The Going to Bed Book

The Going-To-Bed Book

A stunning board book that will quickly become your little one’s favorite choice before bedtime, The Going to Bed Book will show your child that getting ready for bed can actually be fun!


Boasting adorable animal characters and a funny concept that will keep your kid giggling and smiling page after page, this story can help influence your child to go through the steps of going to bed without making a fuss or causing a ruckus.


This remarkable story follows an array of animals on board a ship as they get ready for bed; they watch the sunset together, wash, change their clothes and brush their teeth then do some stretches before settling into bed for the night.


The Going to Bed Book will entertain your child without riling them up before it’s time to sleep.

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17. Grumpy Bird

Grumpy Bird

A solid read for anyone with a toddler or small child that finds getting rid of a case of the grumps especially difficult.


Whether you choose to read Grumpy Bird in the morning, after nap time, or any time of day, this story will instantly captivate your little one and remind them that they can get over their grumps with a little help from someone they love.


The tale of a bold blue bird that is so grumpy everything around him begins to go wrong, but once his animal friends arrive and do their best to turn his frown upside down with a little exercise and simple companionship, he begins to feel better again.


A funny story that any kid will love, from the bright colors to the array of animals and beyond.

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18. Hug


A lovely tale of an adorable chimpanzee named Bobo that keeps repeating the same word over and over again; “Hug”.


Bobo moves through his world, continuously viewing mothers hugging their babies all around him, at first happy to be surrounded by animals that love each other deeply.


However, then Bobo begins to realize that he has no one around to give him a hug and instead of pointing out hugs happily he begins crying out “Hug!” in a frazzled and frantic way.


Finally, a pair of friendly elephants lead Bobo back to his mother to finally take part in the hug he so desperately needed.


A wonderful story that ends in a happy, warm way, this book can even be read by beginning readers since it only includes three different words to read.

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19. Duck in the Truck

Duck in the Truck

Full of fun rhymes and a story that will keep your little one smiling and laughing all throughout its pages.


Duck in the Truck follows the tale of a duck that hopes into his truck and ends up stuck in the muck with no way out.


Thankfully Duck is helped by a variety of different animals and they help him get out, rhyming over and over again all along the way.


Boasting bright and colorful illustrations as well as text that helps your child understand the concept of rhyming, this truly entertaining book will make your kid want to predict which rhyme comes next.


Absolutely certain to become one of your toddler or small child’s favorite books to grab off the shelf to enjoy.

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20. Where’s Spot?

Where's Spot?

A fun story about an adorable puppy and the little girl that loves him, Where’s Spot? Is part of the incredibly popular “Spot” series of books.


A lift-the-flap story that will keep your child captivated from the very first page, this remarkable tale follows Sally as she looks around for Spot so he can come and eat his supper.


A great book for teaching your kid about spatial concepts like under, behind, over and more; Sally ends up looking for Spot all over the house including inside clocks, under the stairs, behind doors and more until she finally locates Spot in the last place she looks.


Not only will your child love to lift the flaps to find Spot, they’ll want to read it over and over again to be able to do so.

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Final Thoughts

Being read to, and having an appreciation for books themselves, are the first stages of reading.


Even if your child doesn’t quite know what the words in these books say yet, knowing that there are words, and that they have meaning, is a big cognitive leap they can make at this stage.


Give your child the best chance at school later, by reading to them now. You’ll be amazed how much they can learn and grow from sitting down to read a great book with you.

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