Educational Toys For 4 Year Olds

Educational toy for a 4 year oldAcademic toys are essential for children of all ages but if you’re specifically looking for educational toys for 4 year olds, you’ve come to the right place.


Toys are one of the cornerstones of children’s development.


Making sure that your children have the right kind of toys can help them develop the necessary physical, mental and even social skills that will benefit them in school, real life and for the rest of their lives.


The following is a guide to finding toys for your children that won’t have you breaking your bank account in the long run.


The majority of the toys in this list are low-ticket items while others are moderately priced. Some are a little higher up in case you’d like to provide your child with an optimal learning experience as they have fun.


Why Children Need Educational Toys

It’s important to understand why educational toys are so important to a child’s development. Most children spend hours and hours of their day during their earliest year engaging in play related activities.


Much of these play related activity revolves around toys; this is especially true for only children or children who otherwise might not necessarily interact with other children in pairs or groups much until they begin attending school.


For this reason, toys are one of the most important elements of a child’s early development. The right kind of toys may foster creativity, intelligence, and the development of critical skills that children need as they grow older.


Educational toys are one of the best ways to foster the right kind of mental and physical development in children due primarily in part to how much time children spend playing in their earliest years.

Parents have a unique opportunity when it comes to educational toys, as they are the ones who can make sure that the right toys fall into their children’s hands.


Tips for Choosing Educational Toys

You might be wondering: what, exactly, makes for a great learning toy? There is no singular answer to this question, but as a general rule of thumb, a great educational toy is a toy which provides something significant for the educational development of children.


If you are looking for some high quality learning toys, particularly cheap toys that won’t have you stretching out your personal budget, then consider the following tips that are sure to help you choose the right toys for your child.


Tip #1: Opt for toys that encourage creative play

Some of the best learning toys are those that encourage children to engage in creative play; creative play is highly educational as it allows children to learn more about the world, themselves, and the people around them.

Creative play toys can include dress up clothes, pretend food, dolls, pretend supermarkets and similar outlets for creative minds.


Tip #2: Use a mixture of technological and low-tech toys

Some parents may decide to limit technological based toys from their children’s toy box, but there’s nothing wrong with letting your kid use technology in moderation.

The key when buying developmental toys is to go for a mixture of both; you will want to combine low-tech toys (such as blocks, crayons, dress up clothes) with technological toys (such as children’s tablets, talking playsets, etc.) to get the best and most balanced result for your child.


Tip #3: Find toys that match your child’s interest

One of the best ways you can make sure that your child is interested in playing with an educational toy is to have it match one or more of their interests. For example, puzzles are a great educational toy but not all children are interested in doing they; if your child loves dinosaurs, why not pick up a dinosaur puzzle to see if they will play it?


Tip #4: Consider math related toys

It may be surprising, but even young children can learn about math—and they don’t even have to be in preschool yet! Introducing young children to math related concepts is a great way to showcase educational toys for children.

Math related toys can include traditional toys such as an abacus, along with newer innovations such as electronic talking boards and toys.


Tip #5: Opt for high quality toys

You should look for higher quality learning toys that truly add value to a child’s life—and don’t worry, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get them. There are many shops you can visit which offer discounts and special coupons, but I’m sure we all know by now that Amazon is the best site to find affordable deals.


Top 15 Educational Toys For 4 Year Olds

There are a lot of learning toys out there—how exactly do you know which ones are worth buying? The following is an essential guide for low-priced educational toys which will lead you towards the right purchases for your children.


1. ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Early Reading GameThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Early Reading Game - Toy of the Year Finalist, A Fun and Educational Learn to Read Game Developed by Educators for Pre-K to 2nd Graders

The ThinkFun Zingo Sight Words Early Reading Game is a truly unique educational toy that parents and children will love for ages to come.

It’s an early reading game modeled after the traditional game of “Bingo”; this game  will help teach children sight words, along with helping them to develop critical thinking skills.


2. cossy STEM Learning Toy Engineering Construction Building Blockscossy STEM Learning Toy Engineering Construction Building Blocks 208 Pieces Kids Educational Toy for Boys and Girls Ages 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Year Old (208 Pcs)

These cossy STEM Learning Toy Engineering Construction Building Blocks are especially designed to fit in with STEM based learning.

cossy STEM Learning Toy Engineering Construction Building Blocks are a great non-technological toy that will help teach children practical skills, as well as mental skills such as patience and even spatial awareness.


3. Just Smarty ABC Tablet Interactive Educational ToysJust Smarty ABC Tablet Interactive Educational Toys for 3 Year Olds and Up | Toddler Learning Toys and Word Games for Development | Fun Activities, Numbers, Spell and Music on Pretend Kid Tablet

This pretend tablet will help children feel like they are part of the figurative “big leagues,” while also teaching them words, numbers, and even playing music for them.


4. Alphabet Magnets + Matching A-Z Objects / ABC Magnets, Numbers and Board + E-BookAlphabet Magnets + Matching A-Z Objects / ABC Magnets, Numbers and Board + E-Book with 35 Learning & Spelling Games Included | Magnetic Letters and Numbers for Toddlers

This expansive set includes alphabet magnets with matching objects, numbers magnets, as well as a white board and an e-book to go with the set.


This is a great choice for teaching children to recognize letters and numbers and encourage them to make connections between letter sounds and words.


5. STEM Toys Kit | Arts and Crafts Building Block Gifts for Boys & GirlsSTEM Toys Kit, Arts and Crafts Building Block Gifts for Boys & Girls Age 3,4,5,6+ Year Old, Educational Construction Fine Motor Skills Toy with Drill, Creative Games and Fun Activity

Building blocks are one of the best types of inexpensive educational toys for children, and this STEM Toys kit is no exception.

These building blocks can be used to foster creativity, intelligence and a love for creating new things in the world.


6. ETI Toys | STEM Learning | Original 101 Piece Educational Construction Engineering Building BlocksETI Toys | STEM Learning | Original 101 Piece Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set for 3, 4 and 5+ Year Old Boys & Girls | Creative Fun Kit | Best Toy Gift for Kids Ages 3yr - 6yr

These construction engineering blocks take the concept of building blocks to a completely new level.

These construction-inspired blocks are perfect for boys or girls who are interested in how things fit together as they build up more and more new buildings.

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7. VATOS Building Blocks Toy for Kids, STEM Toys 550 Piece Building Blocks & Screw ToyVATOS Building Blocks Toy for Kids, STEM Toys 550 Piece Building Blocks & Screw Toy for 5, 6, 7, 8+ Year Old Educational Birthday & Christmas Toy for Boys & Girls |Take-A-Part Toys

This extremely expansive building block set includes 550 pieces.

These 550 pieces include countless building blocks, screws and all manner of other building block related pieces that are sure to keep children occupied for hours on end—and all without needing a phone.


8. rolimate Preschool Learning Cube Toy, Baby Educational Wooden Toy Boxrolimate Wooden Activity Cube Best Gift for 1 2 3 Year Old and Up, Baby & Toddler Toy Preschool Early Development Wooden Educational Game Toy Gift Box - Activity Centers Prekindergarten Birthday

This is a classic type of toy that is perfect for infants of any age.

This particular learning cube toy includes multiple “play points” one each side of the cube, which allow for children to have fun no matter which way she caught it.


9. LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train 10847 Learning and Counting Train Set LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train 10847 Learning and Counting Train Set Building Kit and Educational Toy for 2-5 Year Olds (23 pieces)

LEGO DUPLO offer some of the most interesting Lego sets for younger players, and this train set is no exception.

This simple training set will teach children how to fit various pieces together in order to create the full train. A lot of parents are a big fan of this educational toy for 4 year olds.


10. KitTEPSMIGO Magnetic Letters and Numbers 133 Pcs ABC Magnets Learning SetMagnetic Letters and Numbers for Toddlers with Double-Side Magnet Board - ABC Uppercase Lowercase EVA Alphabet Letters for Kids - Classroom Home Education Spelling Learning Set including Storage Bag

This particular magnet set is incredibly expansive, while still being cheap enough to be perfect for a parent on a budget.

It features letters, numbers, and other essential items to give your child the best learning experience.


11. Soyee Magnetic Blocks Educational Toys for 3+ Year Old Boys and GirlsSoyee Magnetic Blocks STEM Educational Toys for 3+ Year Old Boys and Girls Creative Construction Fun Magnetic Tiles Kit Gifts for Toddlers - 30pcs Starter Set

These magnetic blocks use a unique magnetic closure in order to stick together, which makes them perfect for interesting and unique building block designs.


12. LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words BookLeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book, Green

This electronic book is designed to teach children 100 different words.

The book is perfect for children who are just now learning short words and phrases in school or who will be attending school soon and need a boost.


13. AMOSTING Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard Early Learning Educational ToysAMOSTING Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard Early Learning Educational Toys for Boys & Girls

Parents who loved “LiteBrite” will definitely get a kick out of this modern educational toy, which includes a mosaic pegboard with pegs that can be used to create pictures, letters, and everything in between.


14. HOMOFY Baby Toys Electronic Airplane Toys with Lights & MusicHOMOFY 132PCS Engineering STEM Educational Building Toys DIY Learning Building Kit Building Blocks Construction Toys Set Best Gift for Boys/Girls Toddlers Kids Age 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+Year Old

This electronic airplane has everything it needs for your children to play with it while learning about airplanes, such as how airplanes fly and more.


15. Extasticks Magnetic Blocks (66pcs Set) Magnetic Building BlocksExtasticks Magnetic Blocks (66pcs Set) Magnetic Building Blocks, Shapes, Tiles - Educational Toys for Toddlers - Magnets for Kids - Magnet Construction Toys Toddler Learning kit (NonToxic Certified)

Magnetic building blocks are an excellent educational toy thanks to the many possibilities there are in regards to what you build with them—and how you build it.

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There are countless toys out there; if you’re looking for the best of the best, consider the above list to find what you’re looking for in an educational toy.

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