My Scholarship Hunting Journey

Man writing a scholarship essay

My journey with searching for scholarships began around early 2017. I was trying to apply for as many as I could a few months before school started. I didn’t like the idea of taking out student loans because I didn’t want to be in massive debt once I graduated.


In order to be strategic, I bought an organizer and a large box of multicolored folders. I then labeled each of the folders from January to December. I had also purchased two scholarship books. One of them discussed how you should pursue scholarships as well as the best ways to find them. The other book provided a large index of different scholarships.


After perusing through both of those books, I thought I had developed a solid plan to secure scholarships. I never knew how daunting the process could be, but I started to notice that there are many different types of scholarships. In terms of the difficulty level, I applied for easy, moderate, and hard ones. Sometimes, it feels like you’re playing the lottery, but instead of paying money for a winning ticket, you’re paying with your time and energy for tuition support.


Although I had a strategic plan, I realized I was too random with most of the scholarships I pursued. I was writing about things that didn’t really pertain to me or excite me and I believe the lack of excitement was prevalent in my essays. After applying to multiple scholarships, I was very shocked and disconcerted when I didn’t receive anything back. As this was happening, I lost faith in the process and decided to take out student loans. There was still something in me that didn’t want to fully commit to student loans so I decided to search for different ways to make money online and I came across a program that shows how to do this in a legitimate way.


While I have made money from that program, It’s nowhere near enough to handle paying for school or the massive debt I’ve accumulated. Now that I’m in desperate need of funds to complete my graduate studies, I’ve decided to start scholarship hunting again. I’ve come across a few supportive websites, but I must say that is the most impressive. The fact that they’re utilizing a point system and other measures to help students is very commendable.


What I learned from my initial journey is that it’s best to focus on quality, not quantity. When you write an essay that relates to your degree or something you’re passionate about, it will show in your writing. It’s also wise to consider all of the factors which influence the odds of earning a scholarship. You have to make a concerted effort to apply early, submit the necessary documents, and ensure that you meet the established criteria. All in all, it’s been nice witnessing provide substantial assistance for those trying to reach their goals. I’m very grateful for the opportunity they’ve provided for students.

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