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Child Reading With Parent

Having your child learn how to read is one of the most rewarding experiences as a parent. But getting your child to love reading is another matter.


This means obtaining the right materials that provide the best experience in helping your child to understand and enjoy the reading experience.


That’s why you should consider Children Learning Reading reviews like this one to get a better idea of what materials really work.


One of the most interesting things is that this system uses phonics and phonemes techniques. The program also has a remarkable track record of teaching children to read in as little as 12 weeks. While the actual time it takes for your child to read may vary, few programs can match the success rate of this one.


What’s This Program All About?

This is a reading program designed to help toddlers from ages two and a half and older to learn how to read. The program itself provides a step by step strategy that gets kids to associate words and sounds that reinforce their meaning, so they pick up on reading faster.


This means a combination of phonics and phonemes, two methods that have been proven to help children read for many years.


What makes this program different is that it combines both methods in a unique program that is easy to teach and fun for kids to learn.


Phonics: The phonics is the baseline for the reading program. It allows the child to associate each letter and word with the sound it makes. This reinforces the meaning of the words which makes it easier for them to read.


Phonemes: Similar to phonics, this is the smallest area of sound that helps children distinguish between similar sounding words. Words such as “bit” and “lit” are quite similar with the only difference being the first letter.


With 44 phonemes in the English language and 1700 ways of pronouncing them, learning how to distinguish these small sounds can go a long way towards helping your child to read.


While phonics and phonemes work well separately, this system brings them together in a way that makes reading fun and enjoyable.


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What the Program Offers

As many other reviews indicate, the program itself is divided into two packages, the standard and premium.


The Standard Package is the bread and butter of the program, providing everything you need to help your child learn how to read. The package itself includes the following;


  • Step by Step Lessons – Basic

  • Stories – Stories

  • Step by Step Lessons – Advanced

  • Stories – Advanced

  • Most Common Sight Words

  • Sounds of Letters & Mp3 Audio Clips

  • Favorite Nursery Rhymes

  • Lifetime Update (free) and 12-Week Counseling


    Children Learning Reading Program Standard Package


For around $50, this is a hefty program that gets your child started on the reading process. The lessons are straightforward and help the child learn and understand letters and words which make reading easier each day that they practice.


After 12 weeks, your child will have a basic comprehension of reading and will start to read on their own.


Children Learning Reading Program Premium Package


The Premium Package includes everything that the Standard Package offers and more for around $70 in total. The additional material includes the following;


  • Children Lessons & Videos


  • Reading Video Course


  • Printouts for Stage 2 Lessons


  • Stage 2 Rhyming


The videos offer the lessons learned by author Jim Yang and his wife Elena as they taught their toddler to read in just 12 weeks with this program.


Plus, the Reading Video Course provides important tips and strategies that help your child learn to read and speak English clearly. The printouts are great, but the rhymes really help your child grasp and understand the more colorful aspects of reading.


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The Difference Maker

There are many different programs available to teach your child to read, but none of them have the holistic approach encompassed within this platform.


Instead of using sight association, which is designed to help children memorize frequently used words and phrases, this program builds a strong foundation that helps kids and even toddlers grasp the fundamentals of reading.


The problem with sight association is that it focuses too much on memorizing the obvious and easier words and phrases but does not provide the tools needed for children to tackle the lesser-known and more difficult phrases and words.


With this platform, you have a fun, interesting use of two proven methods that provides even young kids with the ability to figure out words on their own.


Fast: This program can help a child learn to read after just 12 weeks. This means that before they enter kindergarten, your child will have the basics of reading down and will have the tools necessary to learn even more as they go through school.


Engaging: The lessons provided in the program are short, engaging, and provide the right information that helps a child to learn what reading is all about.


Inexpensive: At roughly $50 for the standard version and just $20 more for the premium, this is a program which is easy on the budget. In fact, it is a great investment that can be used for each child in your family once they reach the right age for learning to read.


Add to this a money back guarantee and you have a can’t miss program for helping your children reach their full reading potential. When you consider that this is an investment in your child’s future, it may be the best money that you can spend.


Of the many Children Learning Reading reviews, most of them point to the effectiveness of the program while being easy to teach. For parents, this system has been seen as one of the most effective on the market for getting their children to learn and love reading.


While not every child may develop a deep, long-lasting love of reading, they will learn what they need to know and more if you choose to try out this program.


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